pigLet’s just face it… I suck at being frugal. I do really really great, then things come up, like important things(summertime pedicures) and such, and I just HAVE to spend money.


I decided to start couponing. That lasted one whole trip. I saved $36 and spent $120… not my best shopping trip, not my worst. I also decided to make my own bath salts and scrubs instead of splurging on them at the store. I can make them much much cheaper that I can buy them, still, here I am with no sugar scrub simply because I ran out and have not made any. I even have the stuff! Sheesh, someone should tell this girl she is L-A-Z-Y she aint got no alibi she LAZY!

lazySo here is my conclusion to my attempt at being frugal. I suck at it. I work, I clean, I cook, I help at church, I do a lot of things, and making a ton of changes all at once isn’t my forte. I am looking at making a major change later in the year where I will hopefully have more time to make more changes to help save more money so I can go get that pedicure without cringing at prices 😉 …. I will not give up my summer pedicures… Winter doesn’t matter, they are covered up anyways!


I Love It When You Call Me… Big Daddy?


Okay okay, sorry for the title, it is referenced to a rap song I heard when I wasn’t so, well, maybe I should say when I was a little more, ummm, living on the edge? Anyways, enough of that talk.

Our youth leader, my husband and I, and a couple parents took some of our youth group to see Big Daddy Weave in concert Sunday evening…. Two words- life changing! Tim Timmons opened the show. He just has a way with making people happy. He used a mix of his music with little tid-bits of advice and jokes throughout his part of the show and just gave a relaxed, uplifting feeling throughout the auditorium. If you haven’t heard him or heard of him, visit him! Well, maybe visit him here. He’s a pretty awesome guy with a great story. Just a bit of advice- listen to the song, Starts With Me. You are welcome! And follow his blog!

tim timmons

Group 1 Crew came on after Tim… Loud and fast and awesome! I have heard a few songs of theirs, but there is just something about seeing a band perform live that makes it so different. I didn’t realize how much I love them! Their vocals are so powerful and the tunes are catchy. You can check them out here.


Now for the big guy, Bid Daddy Weave…. he came out himself and announced Tim and Group 1 Crew, and talked for while. He put out a “hey friend, how have you been?” vibe, like he’s just another dude, and really he is, and I am working on a blog about famous people and what makes them different from us, so we can get into all of that later. He just seems so approachable. He talked about some of his life changing events and how God is working in his life. He uses his gift of music for  concerts, and his concerts are more or less like a missionary for him to get out and spread the word. The whole group is just everyday ordinary guys that you would want to be friends with. Their hearts are big and they pour out Gods love. The music is fast, slow, loud, quiet. My all-time favorite song of theirs is Redeemed.  I can’t raise my hands high enough during this song!!! We don’t have to explain who we used to be to anyone, we are REDEEMED!!!! I can’t help but get happy when this song pops in my head. Check them out here!

big daddy weave



Technology Sucks


Technology Sucks

I think I need to start this off with a disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone with any blog I write. Ever. These are simply my opinions and my thoughts on my blog. I do not think bad of other people for having different opinions, or doing things different. With all that said, If you do have a different opinion, that is just fine, and you are welcome to state it. I just ask that you please try not to be hateful, in regards to anyone’s comments or blogs.

Now, on to the blog! Technology sucks, it really does. It sucks the life our of you. I am getting to the point where I HATE technology. I love the convenience of computers, GPS, cell phones, and I do oh so much appreciate having a smart phone! Contradicting, isn’t it? There are things I love and hate about it all. I love having information at my fingertips, I love being able to type in my destination and not having to try to look at a map and drive, I love being able to search for nearby restaurants and boutiques… You see, all of this is great! Being able to travel, to not be tied to your computer because you are waiting on an important email, or even a phone call, is all wonderful! Technology is an amazing, wonderful thing, until it is used as a companion. That may sound ridiculous, I know, but think about it. I mean really really think about it. When you are talking to, oh let’s say, your friend, do you feel the need to check your phone in case a message came in,, and God forbid you miss it. Or are you constantly scrolling through Facebook while trying to hold a conversation with friends, or even family? I am definitely not harping on any one particular person for these habits, I myself am guilty of them. I got to the point where I was so very connected to my phone, that when I even talk to my husband, or was trying to listen to my husband, I felt the constant need to scroll through Facebook (I would hate to miss out on someone sharing what they were eating), or even became addicted to a game that I had to WIN (he is guilty of this also). I can’t blame the technology for all this. It’s not technologies fault we as humans are easily amused and entertained. Who would have thought that sling shooting(shotting?) birds through the air and knocking over fat weird pigs would be so addicting???images It was one evening that we went to a Chinese restaurant and sat down about the same time another family sat down at a table near us that I became EXTREMELY  aware of how these things have became so important to us. A mother, father, and 2 children(around 4 and 7) all pulled out their electronic devices as soon as they sat down, and instantly started texting, playing games, and drawing scribbles on the screen. I left my phone in my pocket, and carefully watched (I didn’t want to look like the weird creepy girl stalking unsuspecting families). Not one word was said until they ordered, in which the mother ordered for them all, and they all continued playing. Not one beat was missed. When they were done, they all got up and left. Not one word. At another table, a rather small child was throwing quite the fit, and the parent handed them their phone to keep them quiet. I also see parents bribing kids with these things… “if you quit crying I will give you my phone for a while”. Ugh. I cringe at this. I know things have changed drastically since my daughter, now 12, was small and in her fit throwing phase, which didn’t last long. She got her butt busted. Yes, turn me in, call the law, do as you wish, I busted her little bottom. No, I didn’t make her go get a switch from the yard, no belts or fly swatters, just a pat on the butt to get her attention with just my hand. Guess what? That little phase ended pretty quick.
Now, I will say that we weren’t quite in the same boat. We would talk to each other and have conversation, but we always had our phones in our hand. That was when we incorporated “No electronics at the table”. It wasn’t very hard for my daughter, she had an IPod that only worked a portion of the time. The person that had a hard time with me incorporating this new rule was me! Cell phones are a habit, and it was one I had to break. I found myself constantly reaching for my phone, and my brain would kick in with “No! Bad!”, like I was scolding a dog or something. But anyways, I did find that I was actually interested in what my husband, and other people, were saying, conversations were longer and more meaningful, and the games and texts became less and less important. Now I find myself laying in bed at night remembering I haven’t been on Facebook in a day or two and catch up on that a little bit, oh, and then there is Pinterest… But that is a whole other story 🙂
I will end with this. Put down your phone, pay attention to your loved ones, and really listen. Listen to people, listen to the world around you. Peace out!

This One Is For The gUiLt

I really don’t have much to write about, I just felt guilty for not writing in a while and feel like I need to stay in the groove writing, therefore, sometimes there will be blogs about a whole bunch of nothingness…. And I am sorry for that. The problem is, I have several ideas for a next blog, then I get another Idea, then another, then I have no idea what to write, so I end up with a blog that took about 10 minutes to write and not a lot of thought. Not a lot of thought = not a great blog. So my new goal is to take the time and effort to write an actual blog, that took time and thought, and maybe it will even be informative? Crazy thought, I know! But I just feel like I need a little giddy in my up, or a little kick in my step?
giddy Anyways, I need a little something extra to really feel like I am writing a good blog. When it takes me a whole 10 minutes, I don’t feel accomplished… you know what I mean???


Despicable Me…

I can’t seem to get that song out of my head lately! You know, the one at the beginning of the first despicable Me, I’m having a bad bad day, it’s about time that it goes my way…. something something something, lalala….? Anyways, I haven’t posted lately but I have good reason! We have had somewhat of a family crisis with a member of the family, but I think we are getting it all straightened out. It has been an interesting month so far to say the least.

I havent been sleeping lately. This morning I woke up at 5, got up at 5:30, and at almost 6 decided to color my hair. Why not? So here I am, sitting with Chestnut Brown slathered all over my head, and attempting to write a blog.
I attempted to post a picture, but had to do it from my phone, and it was HUGE! So, you missed it. Sorry Charlie!

I feel like when I have been out of the groove of blogging, it’s very hard to start back up again. So as usual, this is a random post that will probably go absolutely nowhere. Consider yourself warned. Oh! How was your Valentine’s Day??? My husband started the day off by making pancakes and gave my daughter and I our gifts, her a necklace, and me a pair of earrings 🙂 He always seems to rise to the occasion when it comes to things like that. That evening, he made a steak supper with grilled asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, and a salad. It was all delicious! I know I have said it before, but man oh man! I am one blessed girl!

I am working on a little piece about parenting, and how it is so important to be a little selfish. A friend of mine wrote one not too long ago, about the same time I started working on mine 🙂 and made some very great points. Go check it out at Kiddos and Kanines!

If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands! (clap clap)


I work at the headquarters of an oilfield chemical company, at the front desk. I get to see everyone who enters the building, and leaves the building (unless they sneak out a side door)…. From my desk there are 2 long hallways, one right in front of where I sit, and the other to the left. People come and go, always saying hello or goodbye, or stopping to make small talk. Wait, did I mention our office is in an old nursing home? Our facility had a fire a while back and this is our temporary location… Anyways, back to the story, err, blog. I promise I have a point to all this. So, I really love my job. Everyone seems happy and friendly, but one person stands out from the rest. Her name is Marianne, and she is such a sweet, funny, kind lady. Sometimes when she walks by my desk, which is tall and round, she starts kneeling like she is walking downstairs, or coming upstairs… She is always so so stinking happy! She just laughs and jokes and is always so polite and so friendly. She is just a wonderful, Jesus loving, gracious Godly woman.

One day I stated how happy she is, all the time, and her simple response made me stop and think- “It’s much better than the alternative”. How simple and true is that? This sounds ridiculous, but I then started looking at different blogs and such about happiness, how to be happy, and why be happy. Basically the conclusion is, WHY NOT???

How to be happy- Choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice. I am Facebook friends with several people who are always gloom and doom. I can’t imagine constantly living in a state of “gloom”. Every post is something about a car driving too slow in front of them, or the lines being too long at a store or there’s too much sugar in the kool-aid, okay, maybe not that one, but seriously, it’s always something. I ended up “unfriending” them all simply because they were making me aggravated and almost mad every stinking time I signed on. We are all part of a bigger plan, God is in control of it all. Maybe He is trying to teach them patience? Maybe I just need to clean out my life of all the sadness and hatred? Who knows. There is no reason to worry and get all worked up(well, not too much). We will worry, we will be sad, we will be angry… Just don’t let it consume you. Honestly, lately, I have turned to prayer a LOT more than I really ever have, and God always provides. Whether we choose to believe it or not, He’s got this. Just let him take care of it, and don’t worry, be happy!!! It’s much better than the alternative.

Allll over again

Is it weird to say I feel new? I am far from new, I mean, I’m 30 for heaven’s sake!

I have been a mom for 12 1/2 years, and I still find myself in total awe of my daughter, more and more lately as she is growing in to a beautiful, smart, very funny and sarcastic young woman. It’s like a new start lately, and I just can’t get enough. She is going to a Winter Formal dance this year at her school, and she looks so grown up and so gorgeous in her dress! I can’t believe how grown up she is.


I also have found myself falling in love with my husband all over again. We have been together for a little over a year, and married for only 4 1/2 months. Is it too soon to fall in love again? I am new at this, but I absolutely love it! It’s almost like, I have found a different love for him? If that makes sense at all…. Before, I loved him for the kind, caring, God loving, providing man that he is. And he still is all of those things. I just see it a little different now. It is so much deeper than ever. He will give anything in the whole world to make sure Makenna and I are taken care of, and happy as we can be. Worldly possessions seem to mean nothing to him anymore, as long as we are together and happy. He wants our emotional being as well as physical to be in the best state it can be. He even lets me go on these crazes and goes along with them 🙂 Right now we are giving the “Clean Eating” thing a shot. He is fully on board. I think I could ask for a circus in the backyard and he would make it happen. I really couldn’t ask for anyone better to be by my side for the rest of my life! For the first few months of our marriage, I think I was just in shock that I was actually married… Weird? Being married is something I thought would never happen. EVER. And then Andy came along, and it has been so stinking easy ever since. And what I mean by easy is, emotionally easy. I knew he was the one after our first few conversations in the store I worked at. Then we dates, got engaged, planned a wedding, then skipped it all and eloped! So, maybe you can understand that when I say that I was in shock, it isn’t a bad thing. I feel like I can finally breathe, and I can’t get enough of it!

We have been having the “expanding the family” discussion lately. I have been the one wanting to expand soon, I mean, I am 30 already! But more recently part of me wants to be a little selfish and just enjoy my husband and daughter for a while longer. We will see! 😉