Oh me oh my

Soooo…. its been a month since my last post. I realize I’m not very good at keeping you all entertained, but hey, at least there are other fantastic bloggers you can count on to get your daily reads 🙂

Last I remember, I told you about the engagement. Well it’s still all good! The wedding planning became a lot more than I wanted to try to tackle, and I have this horrific fear of forgetting to invite someone, like my own dad or something, so we axed the traditional wedding. We rented a boat from OK River Cruises out of Oklahoma City that holds 24 people inside, and like 9 outside. With the wedding being in November,  we are having 24 people on the boat. It cut the temptation to run away and get married in some unheard of town on our way to a last minute honeymoon down dramatically. I’m not saying it cut it out completely…. So we will get married on a Friday evening, and then have a big reception the next day in our hometown. I have never wanted a large wedding, but with all the people we know and have grown up with and are like family and the dogs groomers we have used and mechanics and past co-workers…. It was getting out of hand! I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not inviting them, so I just cut that art out all together. Andy and I are quite content with it.

Speaking of Andy, he posted his truck for sale on Craigslist yesterday. He had a hit for exactly what he was asking for it in like, an hour! But then things started to get fishy. The guy wanted to pay by Paypal because he lives out of state, and was going to pay a guy to haul it to him. Then he said he sent the money, and sent $1100 more and wanted us to forward it to the hauler. Not understanding why he couldn’t do it himself, and with the whole deal being somewhat questionable, we called Paypal. What these scammers do is get you to send the “hauler” money before your money from them is in your account. the email “confirmation” said basically to send the hauler the $1100, then the rest of the money would automatically be deposited into our account. I guess they try to convince people that it’s a Paypal thing, and when you send your money on to who it is supposed to go to (the hauler) as noted in the directions, then Paypal would let you have the rest of your money the buyer sent you. When we called Paypal, they said yes, it’s a scam, then explained it all to us. Andy said that he was going to call and give this guy the “what for”, and the Paypal guy said, “Good! I hope you do!” Haha. He was quite helpful and seemed really irritated that the scammer was doing that. But he said it happens all the time.  So seller beware!!! Through the evening we actually received another message from someone in the same scenario… Doesn’t live here, will have to have it hauled, and pay by Paypal… People these days!!! Andy couldn’t get the guy to answer the phone, but he sent him a good ole country boy text 🙂 Needless to say, we haven’t heard from him anymore. 

Other than that, nothing too exciting or fun has happened lately. We are planning a birthday party for my daughter this weekend. She will be 12! Oh me oh my where has the time gone? Other than that, we have just been settling in to the house, where we will live as one family 🙂 And trying to make 2 separate household become 1… It wouldn’t be too hard, but i like all my stuff! And Andy like all of his too. It isn’t too bad though. We have found new ways to compromise and have made it into a learning experience. 

Have a super Thursday! And I don’t see myself back on here before next week, so have a happy weekend!!!