Battles of my mind

I am constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to change up my life a bit. Sometimes I even follow through with them 🙂 but not very often. Right now I am battling the idea of a new blog. This one was supposed to be a hobby, something I could sign in to, and write about anything and everything. No direction at all… I have realized I am not that person. I can’t take the time to come up with things to write about if I have no reason to write :-/ My last post was about changing my wedding plans to a small ceremony still in November, on a boat. Here is how far behind I am: I have since then got married in a very small last minute ceremony with just my sister and her family, my preacher and his wife, and my husband and daughter of course. We had a reception a month later, and left for a week long honeymoon in New Mexico. See how bad I am at keeping up with this??? We decided to pretty much elope after we realized how much stress there was in planning any type of wedding, and it was the best decision we could have made for ourselves! It definitely has been an adventure so far!

Back to the blog thing… Do I start a new blog and keep this one? My direction for the new one would be more of a “love yourself” type thing. One thing I tend to do is make sure everyone is happy and taken care of, and forget to take time to myself, or take care of myself. My eating habits have gone from somewhat conscious of what I was eating to “yeah that’s edible”. It will be anything from a craft, to “clean eating” recipes, to anything that will help make you feel good and loved. I think that loving yourself for who God made you is very important, and I am just realizing who he made me to be. Take time to think about it, who are you? do you know yourself? Do you love yourself??