This One Is For The gUiLt

I really don’t have much to write about, I just felt guilty for not writing in a while and feel like I need to stay in the groove writing, therefore, sometimes there will be blogs about a whole bunch of nothingness…. And I am sorry for that. The problem is, I have several ideas for a next blog, then I get another Idea, then another, then I have no idea what to write, so I end up with a blog that took about 10 minutes to write and not a lot of thought. Not a lot of thought = not a great blog. So my new goal is to take the time and effort to write an actual blog, that took time and thought, and maybe it will even be informative? Crazy thought, I know! But I just feel like I need a little giddy in my up, or a little kick in my step?
giddy Anyways, I need a little something extra to really feel like I am writing a good blog. When it takes me a whole 10 minutes, I don’t feel accomplished… you know what I mean???


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