pigLet’s just face it… I suck at being frugal. I do really really great, then things come up, like important things(summertime pedicures) and such, and I just HAVE to spend money.


I decided to start couponing. That lasted one whole trip. I saved $36 and spent $120… not my best shopping trip, not my worst. I also decided to make my own bath salts and scrubs instead of splurging on them at the store. I can make them much much cheaper that I can buy them, still, here I am with no sugar scrub simply because I ran out and have not made any. I even have the stuff! Sheesh, someone should tell this girl she is L-A-Z-Y she aint got no alibi she LAZY!

lazySo here is my conclusion to my attempt at being frugal. I suck at it. I work, I clean, I cook, I help at church, I do a lot of things, and making a ton of changes all at once isn’t my forte. I am looking at making a major change later in the year where I will hopefully have more time to make more changes to help save more money so I can go get that pedicure without cringing at prices 😉 …. I will not give up my summer pedicures… Winter doesn’t matter, they are covered up anyways!


I Love It When You Call Me… Big Daddy?


Okay okay, sorry for the title, it is referenced to a rap song I heard when I wasn’t so, well, maybe I should say when I was a little more, ummm, living on the edge? Anyways, enough of that talk.

Our youth leader, my husband and I, and a couple parents took some of our youth group to see Big Daddy Weave in concert Sunday evening…. Two words- life changing! Tim Timmons opened the show. He just has a way with making people happy. He used a mix of his music with little tid-bits of advice and jokes throughout his part of the show and just gave a relaxed, uplifting feeling throughout the auditorium. If you haven’t heard him or heard of him, visit him! Well, maybe visit him here. He’s a pretty awesome guy with a great story. Just a bit of advice- listen to the song, Starts With Me. You are welcome! And follow his blog!

tim timmons

Group 1 Crew came on after Tim… Loud and fast and awesome! I have heard a few songs of theirs, but there is just something about seeing a band perform live that makes it so different. I didn’t realize how much I love them! Their vocals are so powerful and the tunes are catchy. You can check them out here.


Now for the big guy, Bid Daddy Weave…. he came out himself and announced Tim and Group 1 Crew, and talked for while. He put out a “hey friend, how have you been?” vibe, like he’s just another dude, and really he is, and I am working on a blog about famous people and what makes them different from us, so we can get into all of that later. He just seems so approachable. He talked about some of his life changing events and how God is working in his life. He uses his gift of music for  concerts, and his concerts are more or less like a missionary for him to get out and spread the word. The whole group is just everyday ordinary guys that you would want to be friends with. Their hearts are big and they pour out Gods love. The music is fast, slow, loud, quiet. My all-time favorite song of theirs is Redeemed.  I can’t raise my hands high enough during this song!!! We don’t have to explain who we used to be to anyone, we are REDEEMED!!!! I can’t help but get happy when this song pops in my head. Check them out here!

big daddy weave