A few of my favorite things….

Hi, my name is Melissa, and I have a large complicated issue with commitment. Now first let me explain, I don’t mean an issue with personal relationships with actual people. I am married!! But I can’t seem to commit to ideas, or even objects. My favorite food you ask? Answer: A lot of it. The thought of committing to one food scares the life out of me! What if some stranger that I am destined to be best friends with asks me about my favorite food, and I say “Lasagna, I LOVE lasagna, it is my absolute favorite food!” Then the next day I eat, oh let’s say, meatloaf… And it is the absolute best meatloaf EVER in the history of meatloaf… and now that is my favorite food. I am a liar and said future friends pegs me as a liar. Friend gone. Okay, so maybe it’s not that extreme, but I just can’t say that much of anything is my “favorite”. I do, however, LOVE purple. Most all shades are elegant and beautiful. You can do anything with it, and it is just absolutely wonderful! I consider it a happy color. So, of all things in life, (other than people) my favorite thing is purple… I also love baths. A good long bath is great. And a great haircut. There is just something about walking out of a salon rockin a new style that makes you feel like a total sexy bad mama jama(sp?). The next day is a whole other story. What magic power do stylists have that enables them to style your hair in a way you can NEVER copy? They can use the same exact stinking straightener, curling iron, blow dryer, everything. And after the first wash, you wear it in a pony tail because you screwed it up trying to replicate it. I am currently trying to grow my hair out, and it’s in a weird stage, so I will post a pic of my past favorite cut.
Fave hair

Maybe I should chop it off again? Okay so basically what we have learned today is this- I am home sick and my lack of sleep and high dose of medication made up a random post. yeah, we will blame the meds.


Not an organized, exercising reader……

I am still throwing the idea of a new blog around, but I figure until then, why not try to keep up with this one?? Looking back on 2013, along with everyone else I’m sure, I can’t believe how freakin great it was! I fell in love, moved back to my home town, found a job at a very family oriented company, and got married!
I not only gained the most perfect partner to be by my side, but my daughter also gained a wonderful dad. We are teaching each other how to be patient for sure 🙂 I wont lie, it hasn’t been the most easy thing to do, since it has been just her and I for 11 years before we met him, and he has been a bachelor most of his life, but it has definitely been worth it! The gains have been much much better than the trials, and it will only get better. 

I’m not really one to stick with new Year’s Resolutions, but then I always had the “lose 50 lbs in 4 months”, or “get completely organized”, oh and, “read a book a month” type of goals.pssshhh, anyone that knows me knows I have really great intentions, but I probably wont change my ways much… and i’m not an organized, exercising reader… this year I am going to go about it a little different.

#1. This year, at some point in January, I want to start the “clean eating” thing. I think it will be much easier and better than any diet out there. Basically you eat the same things you eat now, just without all the fake stuff in it.

#2. Take our very first family vacation.

#3. More girls days with my daughter. It seems the busier I get the more this area suffers :-/

#4. Be a better influence of what kind of woman I want my daughter to be. If she doesn’t see it, I can’t expect her to know…

#5. Be the wife Andy deserves.

#6. Learn to keep my big mouth shut and my heart and mind open.

#7. Be a better friend. To everyone.

#8…. Keep up this stinking blog thing! (hey, at least the first 7 are do-able 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!






Battles of my mind

I am constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to change up my life a bit. Sometimes I even follow through with them 🙂 but not very often. Right now I am battling the idea of a new blog. This one was supposed to be a hobby, something I could sign in to, and write about anything and everything. No direction at all… I have realized I am not that person. I can’t take the time to come up with things to write about if I have no reason to write :-/ My last post was about changing my wedding plans to a small ceremony still in November, on a boat. Here is how far behind I am: I have since then got married in a very small last minute ceremony with just my sister and her family, my preacher and his wife, and my husband and daughter of course. We had a reception a month later, and left for a week long honeymoon in New Mexico. See how bad I am at keeping up with this??? We decided to pretty much elope after we realized how much stress there was in planning any type of wedding, and it was the best decision we could have made for ourselves! It definitely has been an adventure so far!

Back to the blog thing… Do I start a new blog and keep this one? My direction for the new one would be more of a “love yourself” type thing. One thing I tend to do is make sure everyone is happy and taken care of, and forget to take time to myself, or take care of myself. My eating habits have gone from somewhat conscious of what I was eating to “yeah that’s edible”. It will be anything from a craft, to “clean eating” recipes, to anything that will help make you feel good and loved. I think that loving yourself for who God made you is very important, and I am just realizing who he made me to be. Take time to think about it, who are you? do you know yourself? Do you love yourself??

Oh me oh my

Soooo…. its been a month since my last post. I realize I’m not very good at keeping you all entertained, but hey, at least there are other fantastic bloggers you can count on to get your daily reads 🙂

Last I remember, I told you about the engagement. Well it’s still all good! The wedding planning became a lot more than I wanted to try to tackle, and I have this horrific fear of forgetting to invite someone, like my own dad or something, so we axed the traditional wedding. We rented a boat from OK River Cruises out of Oklahoma City that holds 24 people inside, and like 9 outside. With the wedding being in November,  we are having 24 people on the boat. It cut the temptation to run away and get married in some unheard of town on our way to a last minute honeymoon down dramatically. I’m not saying it cut it out completely…. So we will get married on a Friday evening, and then have a big reception the next day in our hometown. I have never wanted a large wedding, but with all the people we know and have grown up with and are like family and the dogs groomers we have used and mechanics and past co-workers…. It was getting out of hand! I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not inviting them, so I just cut that art out all together. Andy and I are quite content with it.

Speaking of Andy, he posted his truck for sale on Craigslist yesterday. He had a hit for exactly what he was asking for it in like, an hour! But then things started to get fishy. The guy wanted to pay by Paypal because he lives out of state, and was going to pay a guy to haul it to him. Then he said he sent the money, and sent $1100 more and wanted us to forward it to the hauler. Not understanding why he couldn’t do it himself, and with the whole deal being somewhat questionable, we called Paypal. What these scammers do is get you to send the “hauler” money before your money from them is in your account. the email “confirmation” said basically to send the hauler the $1100, then the rest of the money would automatically be deposited into our account. I guess they try to convince people that it’s a Paypal thing, and when you send your money on to who it is supposed to go to (the hauler) as noted in the directions, then Paypal would let you have the rest of your money the buyer sent you. When we called Paypal, they said yes, it’s a scam, then explained it all to us. Andy said that he was going to call and give this guy the “what for”, and the Paypal guy said, “Good! I hope you do!” Haha. He was quite helpful and seemed really irritated that the scammer was doing that. But he said it happens all the time.  So seller beware!!! Through the evening we actually received another message from someone in the same scenario… Doesn’t live here, will have to have it hauled, and pay by Paypal… People these days!!! Andy couldn’t get the guy to answer the phone, but he sent him a good ole country boy text 🙂 Needless to say, we haven’t heard from him anymore. 

Other than that, nothing too exciting or fun has happened lately. We are planning a birthday party for my daughter this weekend. She will be 12! Oh me oh my where has the time gone? Other than that, we have just been settling in to the house, where we will live as one family 🙂 And trying to make 2 separate household become 1… It wouldn’t be too hard, but i like all my stuff! And Andy like all of his too. It isn’t too bad though. We have found new ways to compromise and have made it into a learning experience. 

Have a super Thursday! And I don’t see myself back on here before next week, so have a happy weekend!!!

The next Mrs….

Seriously?!?!?! I am planning a wedding! Whaaaat??? Yep folks, that’s right. Mr. Right has finally come along and somehow has fallen head over heels with yours truly 🙂 Now that doesn’t mean it’s all him. I mean, I kinda love the guy too. Since we started dating it just seems like everything has been soooo easy. Don’t get me wrong, we have had our differences, but it’s all ok. It’s kinda like, “Oh, there you are” as they say. My daughter loves him and he loves her and they bicker like they have known each other all their lives. He proposed to me, then gave my daughter a cross necklace. It was perfect. One knee and everything. I AM PLANNING A WEDDING!!! An event I had given up on and was absolutely sure my destiny included about 20 cats, random porcelain objects throughout the house, and looking forward to hair appointments every Thursday. Instead of being an old cat lady I will be an old married lady.


Okay okay…. Enough of that. Wait, did I tell you my sister, my confidant, my best friend, my no secret keeping sister knew about it for almost a whole week??

Okay. I’m sorry. I haven’t posted in a long time, but things have been busy here. My daughter went to her second camp this summer last week and is getting for a mission trip in 2 weeks. She has been so incredibly busy this summer, but yet the first day she is home with no plans she calls me wanting to go somewhere or have friends over because she is bored…. She has only been up for an hour!
How can she be bored??? 11 years old. What do you do with them???

I have joined a gym here in town, and by here in town I mean the small community I have lived most of my life. I finally got out and moved to a bigger town about 20 miles away hoping for a change. Who would have known my change would be marriage and moving back? So anyways, I started going to the gym at 6:30 am, and by that I mean I went at that time for the first time this morning. I went Friday evening, and the weekend was too busy, So today was day #2. I wasn’t feeling extremely motivated so i popped in a Biggest Loser DVD to go along with so I didn’t have to come up with my own routine. OUCH. I would have probably been better off doing it on my own. Or not. When going by a video I always feel like I’m letting the person doing the video down. Like Jillian Michaels is going to just drop her hands, sigh, and walk off if I don’t go through with it. I shut it off a little over halfway through. Take that DVD guy! (I don’t remember his name, it’s the other biggest loser trainer) Sigh all you want. I can’t see you. Really all I need to work on before the wedding is my stomach, arms, face, back, neck, and butt. and thighs. Knees down is A-ok.

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

P.S. what do you think of these colors???


Does this necklace make my hips look big?

Well, I hate to admit it, but I have completely failed at my budget attempt. I just started, and was going OK, but had a few things come up that I didn’t have a chance to save up for, and had to take out of this and that, and it all went downhill from there. Maybe I should just post about the sweet deals I find online.

Hi. My name is Melissa, and I am an accessory lover. If I can buy the cheap knock-offs, even better. Now, do I ever wear them? Not really. Mainly because I have a job where I wear t-shirts and shorts and dressing up is silly because it’s 100 degrees in our building. I do have a/c in my office, which is where I try to stay, but it doesn’t always get to happen. After I start my new job and start dressing less like a hobo and more like a professional, I will have all the accessories I need! Well, not ALL of them. There is always room for more.

Something I came across online.. I do not own this, I would kill it. And it’s weird.7-living-plant-accessories

I think I like accessories over clothes because as I stated in a previous post, I’m not exactly loving my body. You don’t have to try on accessories. You don’t feel too short in accessories, or too wide or too stumpy. You don’t have to worry about them making your hips look big. Then of course I always get in a bind where I buy something oh so cute, and have nothing to wear with it, so I am forced to buy a top or dress to compliment the accessory… I think I might have a shopping problem. Well, I wouldn’t call it a problem. I can say no, I can quit anytime. I just like stuff. I like new stuff. But I refuse to pay ridiculous prices for something I can get for half the price without a name brand. One of my favorite sites is simpleaddiction. They are always changing inventory and have the CUTEST stuff! The hardest decision I have is, what color do I buy??? White, pink, blue, coral, green, one of each? And my inability to make decisions doens’t help at all. I can’t even decide what to cook for supper.

From Simple Addiction…. LOVE!

See… told ya they had cute stuff.

A Budget Savvy Sister??? Maybe…

It has been quite a while since I posted last, and for a lot of reasons. There have been terrible storms in Oklahoma the last two weeks and it almost felt insane to post things about my day, which is never really as bad as I think it is, or my latest shopping adventure. It is a sad time, but I know God will push us all through this time and Oklahoma will be whole again. All we can do is continue to pray for those effected by the storms, flooding, and tornadoes. The other reasons are personal, but to sum it up, I havent felt like it. Cut and dry.

My boyfriend and I have discussed our spending habits lately, and decided to start individual budgets. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be able to conquer and overcome this new venture… He is a strong-willed man who has no problem reaching his goals. Me on the other hand, my strong wills are more like, “I strongly believe that this necklace goes perfectly with my new dress! It isn’t in the budget, but its ok.” Believe it or not there is no category for “I want it so bad I MUST have it”….. I may need to revise my budget.

Along with cutting back on impulse shopping, I have also had to find other ways to spoil myself. Manicures are one of my favorite things! Luckily, I read on a friends post that there are new press on nails! They are called imPRESS. AMAZING! no glue, just peel off the back and they stick. But they really stick! I wore mine for over a week, and at $5 a pop you can afford to change them out a couple times a month. The only reason I took them off was because I was carelessly working with Acetone and had no choice. Check out dressesforjulie. This particular link is where she talks about the nails. She has an interesting way of writing that always seems to make my day a little brighter.

My budget includes utilities, car payment, and that’s about it… I’m not sure how I have made it this long on so little. I am a paycheck to paycheck person, and I hate it, but it works. Somehow. So I am trying to figure out where all of my money goes. I know that Starbucks will miss me, along with online shopping, and those cute little boutiques where I find the most unnecessary items.

Anyways, I am going to try to post a little more often, and at least have a little tid bit of how my budgeting is going, maybe cheaper ways I have found to do things. Hopefully I can get on track with it and really be a budget savvy sister instead of just a savvy sister… We will see.