pigLet’s just face it… I suck at being frugal. I do really really great, then things come up, like important things(summertime pedicures) and such, and I just HAVE to spend money.


I decided to start couponing. That lasted one whole trip. I saved $36 and spent $120… not my best shopping trip, not my worst. I also decided to make my own bath salts and scrubs instead of splurging on them at the store. I can make them much much cheaper that I can buy them, still, here I am with no sugar scrub simply because I ran out and have not made any. I even have the stuff! Sheesh, someone should tell this girl she is L-A-Z-Y she aint got no alibi she LAZY!

lazySo here is my conclusion to my attempt at being frugal. I suck at it. I work, I clean, I cook, I help at church, I do a lot of things, and making a ton of changes all at once isn’t my forte. I am looking at making a major change later in the year where I will hopefully have more time to make more changes to help save more money so I can go get that pedicure without cringing at prices 😉 …. I will not give up my summer pedicures… Winter doesn’t matter, they are covered up anyways!