Despicable Me…

I can’t seem to get that song out of my head lately! You know, the one at the beginning of the first despicable Me, I’m having a bad bad day, it’s about time that it goes my way…. something something something, lalala….? Anyways, I haven’t posted lately but I have good reason! We have had somewhat of a family crisis with a member of the family, but I think we are getting it all straightened out. It has been an interesting month so far to say the least.

I havent been sleeping lately. This morning I woke up at 5, got up at 5:30, and at almost 6 decided to color my hair. Why not? So here I am, sitting with Chestnut Brown slathered all over my head, and attempting to write a blog.
I attempted to post a picture, but had to do it from my phone, and it was HUGE! So, you missed it. Sorry Charlie!

I feel like when I have been out of the groove of blogging, it’s very hard to start back up again. So as usual, this is a random post that will probably go absolutely nowhere. Consider yourself warned. Oh! How was your Valentine’s Day??? My husband started the day off by making pancakes and gave my daughter and I our gifts, her a necklace, and me a pair of earrings 🙂 He always seems to rise to the occasion when it comes to things like that. That evening, he made a steak supper with grilled asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, and a salad. It was all delicious! I know I have said it before, but man oh man! I am one blessed girl!

I am working on a little piece about parenting, and how it is so important to be a little selfish. A friend of mine wrote one not too long ago, about the same time I started working on mine 🙂 and made some very great points. Go check it out at Kiddos and Kanines!


A few of my favorite things….

Hi, my name is Melissa, and I have a large complicated issue with commitment. Now first let me explain, I don’t mean an issue with personal relationships with actual people. I am married!! But I can’t seem to commit to ideas, or even objects. My favorite food you ask? Answer: A lot of it. The thought of committing to one food scares the life out of me! What if some stranger that I am destined to be best friends with asks me about my favorite food, and I say “Lasagna, I LOVE lasagna, it is my absolute favorite food!” Then the next day I eat, oh let’s say, meatloaf… And it is the absolute best meatloaf EVER in the history of meatloaf… and now that is my favorite food. I am a liar and said future friends pegs me as a liar. Friend gone. Okay, so maybe it’s not that extreme, but I just can’t say that much of anything is my “favorite”. I do, however, LOVE purple. Most all shades are elegant and beautiful. You can do anything with it, and it is just absolutely wonderful! I consider it a happy color. So, of all things in life, (other than people) my favorite thing is purple… I also love baths. A good long bath is great. And a great haircut. There is just something about walking out of a salon rockin a new style that makes you feel like a total sexy bad mama jama(sp?). The next day is a whole other story. What magic power do stylists have that enables them to style your hair in a way you can NEVER copy? They can use the same exact stinking straightener, curling iron, blow dryer, everything. And after the first wash, you wear it in a pony tail because you screwed it up trying to replicate it. I am currently trying to grow my hair out, and it’s in a weird stage, so I will post a pic of my past favorite cut.
Fave hair

Maybe I should chop it off again? Okay so basically what we have learned today is this- I am home sick and my lack of sleep and high dose of medication made up a random post. yeah, we will blame the meds.