Fat Days Off

Do you ever have fat days? Now don’t get me wrong, I am 5′ 7″ and not a light person, but some days I feel fatter than I already am. I feel like a can of biscuits, ready to explode out of what is holding my fat in at any moment. Yuck. I wish calling in to work simply for having a fat day was acceptable.  Nothing fits right, I just don’t feel like myself. I never take sick days, I think I should compensate SOMEWHERE…

My sister and I decided to start eating better, and get back on Weight Watchers. I started out with 28 points today. I now have 13 points left, and I want a hot fudge sundae topped with a pie, and a steak on the side. I’m not sure how long I can last! My problem is, I like to eat what I want. I truly ENJOY eating. I love to taste food, and over indulge. Which is why I am the way I am…. And I’m not happy with the way I look, but I want to just talk about losing 30 lbs and it happen. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, so I guess I better do something active about it :/ Cupcakes sure sound good…. There is a place in the town where I live called The Sweetness Factory… They are also my friend on Facebook where they LOVE to post their sweets of the day, which always consist of a beautiful display of cupcakes, and other baked goods. I should unfriend them, but I just can’t bring myself to do it! I have never even been in that place, and never even had a cupcake from there, but I like to know what they are up to everyday, and like knowing that if I should have a “I need a cupcake” attack, I would know what was on the menu. Until my life depends on cupcakes, I guess I can suck it up and eat healthy, for a while at least. however, when I get skinny… It is so on!


Ft. Worth Weekend

I used to be funny. 5 years ago if I sat in front of a computer to write a blog, I would have you giggling till the end. Now? Well, now all I can think to write is how funny I used to be. I guess now more of my funny moments come up in conversations rather than writing.

It just started raining???  We have had to most bizarre weather this year. Snow one day and bikini’s the next. Weird.

Last night I was laying in bed reflecting on the last few months. I am a pretty boring person with a mediocre boring life. In March my boyfriend and I went to Fort Worth for my former bosses wedding. This was the first trip we had taken together and it went surprisingly well. Not that Andy and I don’t get along, but we were in a pickup, with him driving, for 4 hours. His driving would fall between old farmer and midlife crisis Porsche driver. He doesn’t really have a happy medium. It’s either fast, or slow and side to side because he is checking out the scenery. Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of trying to sight see while I drive, but of course I do it better. As soon as we pulled into town, we found our hotel, which was AMAZING, and then went to find some food. All the way down there I wanted sushi, and luckily there was a place called Piranha Sushi half a block from the hotel. Now when I say I want sushi, I mean the rolls of things that aren’t raw, like the California Roll or Volcano Roll. After visiting with the chef, he decided to surprise us with a raw, slimy yet elegant looking piece of sushi. Not wanting to offend him, Andy and I took the pieces, and in one bite chewed on the fresh raw salmon, jalapeno, and whatever else they put on it. I am a texture freak. If it’s slimy, gooey, or combination of crunchy and slimy(fruits in yogurt, tomatoes), I’m not swallowing it. I can’t handle it. Surprisingly enough, once i finally got my brain to block out the idea of a poor little fish being skinned, sliced, and then laid on my plate for to “enjoy”, it really wasn’t that bad! I wouldn’t order it to save my life, it was too chewy for me, but the flavor was actually good. Andy didn’t think it was too bad either, but he shares the same feelings as me, it would never be something we would order. After that experience we walked around and shopped a little. He bought me some jewelry at a small shop to go with the dress I was wearing to the wedding, stopped in Starbucks, then back to the hotel.

Now, about this hotel. It is called Etta’s Place. I would HIGHLY recommend it! Check it out here  and stay if you ever get a chance! We stayed in the honeymoon suite, simply because it was a weekend getaway, and we wanted to splurge a little. Upon arriving, we buzzed the desk from the front entrance and the most friendly lady came down and let us in. She gave us a tour of the hotel, showed us our room, and let us be. The hotel has a library area, a sitting room, an enclosed patio to eat on, or just sit and enjoy the view. When we got around and left for the wedding, I realized I left my hair straightener on(something I am the master of) and I called and they turned it off for me, and seemed so happy to do it. I’m telling you all, this place gets a 10 in my book. With the hotel being on 3rd street, downtown Ft. Worth, We didn’t have to drive far for fun. We spent Saturday night walking around, checking out the gorgeous buildings, took a carriage ride, went to a movie, and spent an hour or so in Barnes and Noble, all within a half mile of our hotel. The next morning, we slept in(of course), went down for breakfast, which is served until either 10 or 11, and had french toast fritatta, bagels  fresh fruit, and yogurt with granola. The staff served you at your table, and you could eat in the dining area or the patio. The other guests were all obviously on a weekend getaway as well and by watching them, you could tell they were relaxed, had no worries, and were genuinely enjoying themselves. Etta’s Place creates an atmosphere of relaxation. And the history of the building is quite interesting! You can find it on the website as well. This is the room we stayed in, complete with Jacuzzi tub, shower, kitchen area, and a king size bed that your body completely melts into. If I didn’t love Andy so dang much, I would leave him for this bed. He probably had the same feelings seeing as how he slept in until 9:30. He claims he doesn’t like soft beds, he prefers a firm mattress. I think his softer side is coming out 🙂


Sunday after breakfast, we checked out and headed to the stockyards. It was St. Patty’s Day weekend so there were all kinds of things happening! They had a cattle drive and gun fight. We missed them  both, but heard about it. The stores in the Stockyards were very interesting. You could find anything you wanted from an antique table and chairs to a stuffed armadillo or even a buffalo (who DOESN’T need a stuffed armadillo or buffalo?) The great thing about the places we went is that you park, and walk. Everything is right there together. No need to drive and keep fighting for parking spots.

Finally, we decided to eat and head home. We walked right into an open restaurant. By open I mean you order at the little counter when you walk “in” at the doorway, and find a seat in the uncovered completely open to the outdoors sitting area. There is a stage at the end where a guy is sitting and playing guitar and singing. Very laid back, very good food, and I can’t remember the name. Love Shack! Yes, that’s it.

love shack 2 Love Shack

I have no idea who these ladies are, I found these pics online. Anyways, we also took a carriage ride around the Stockyards, but our driver was NUTS! The reason we took the carriage ride was because the first one we took in  downtown Ft. Worth was so enjoyable. This guy talked the entire time about how he rodeo’s all the time, and about demons haunting things and just crazy stuff. We decided carriage rides in the stockyards were OUT for future vacations.

Sunday afternoon we drove home, which seemed to take a while. The drive home always does. Andy drove, we survived. All-in-all it was a great weekend.